I'm Claire, aka Wildwood. We can find beauty in the smallest things, a steaming cup of coffee on a cold morning, the first sign of spring, long drives, op shop finds,  the mountains in Queenstown or the golden light at sunset. As an artist and photographer I seek out beauty in all I do. My photography explores this concept on a wedding day and I look for real and honest moments, because I'm a real and honest person. I tell the story of the day as it happened and if that's in the rain with sandy feet, then so be it, because life is messy and beautiful all at once.

I live in a little old villa in Auckland, New Zealand with my muso hubby and golden retriever Opie and adventure around New Zealand on a weekly basis. When I'm not shooting weddings during the summer months in Tauranga, Auckland or Waiheke Island, I spend my time traveling or shooting fashion and lifestyle commissions, see: clairemossong.com

My aim is to photograph you and capture the joy, vulnerability and whirlwind day that is a wedding in the best and most fun way possible. I want you to relax, let your guard down and interact with each other how you would when no one is watching. I'm interested in those in between moments that make you, you.

But that's enough about me, I would love to hear your story...
Claire x

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